The Least of These: Ministering to the Vulnerable in Los Angeles

April 30, 2019

8:30am – 1:00pm

Category: Equip Quarterly Meeting | Coordinator: Brian Colmery

Los Angeles is full of vulnerable people.  Churches often feel overwhelmed by the size of the need.  How can we help? 

Los Angeles is full of vulnerable people.  Churches often feel overwhelmed by the size of the need.  How are we called to help?

Poverty, homelessness, broken families, hurting children.  Pastors are inundated with news about the needs across Los Angeles, and this is on top of the needs of members in their church.  Is there a way to help the needy in LA as part of the daily life of the church—without sacrificing our call to preach the word and shepherd God's people?  

Join us for our Spring event to explore these issues with local pastors in Los Angeles. We'll show how ministering to the vulnerable can be a sustainable part of your church's life, deepen the gospel's reach into the hearts of our people, and bring help and hope to the vulnerable in our community.  

We've worked to make this event free for members and non-members, and we hope you'll carve out time to be with us!


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