Themelios 38.2

From the TGC Blog:


The Gospel Coalition just released the latest issue of Themelios. It is available as a 158-page PDF and in HTML. We've also partnered with Logos Bible Software to make it available as a free mobile-friendly Logos digital edition for use on all major platforms with one of their free apps.

  1. D. A. Carson | Kingdom, Ethics, and Individual Salvation
  2. Michael J. Ovey | From Moral Majority to Evil Disbelievers: Coming Clean about Christian Atheism
  3. Peter Orr | Abounding in the Work of the Lord (1 Cor 15:58): Everything We Do as Christians or Specific Gospel Work?
  4. Owen Strachan | Carl F. H. Henry's Doctrine of the Atonement: A Synthesis and Brief Analysis
  5. Gerald R. McDermott | Will All Be Saved?
  6. Book Reviews
  • Old Testament | 3 reviews
  • New Testament | 20 reviews
  • History and Historical Theology | 12 reviews
  • Systematic Theology and Bioethics | 4 reviews
  • Ethics and Pastoralia | 10 reviews
  • Missions and Culture | 8 reviews

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